The Chinese Dragon And His History

Numerous myths have been associated to the Chinese Dragon throughout the years. Some individuals claim that the Chinese Dragon is a symbol of evil, but this is only a misconception. For instance, in mythology the Chinese dragon was thought to abduct maidens, stealing gold and destroying villages. In medieval world, the dragon was a symbol of Satan incarnate. On the other hand, in China and Japan, the dragon is considered to be a mythological creature.


Dragons remain nowadays the most famous mythological creatures in the world. Thought to be evil creatures in Europe, dragons are worshiped in China, being a symbol of strength and power. The Chinese mythology associates 9 important characteristics to dragons. They are listed below:

1. The Chinese Dragon has a head similar to the one of a camel.
2. This animal scales like a fish.
3. The dragon has the ability to horn, just like a dear.
4. The eyes of the Chinese dragon are like a stealth.
5. This animal has ears like an ox.
6. The neck of the Chinese dragon is like a snake, which makes this animal quite scary.
7. His stomach is similar to an oyster.
8. The dragon has soles of his feet like a tiger.
9. He also has paws like a hawk.


So, in Chinese mythology, the animal is described as having 9 characteristics, which actually are a combination of other creatures. There are four main types of dragons in Chinese literature. They include:

  • Tien Lung, also known as the Sky Dragon, is known to be the species of dragons that guarded the palace of the gods.
  • Shen Lung, known as the Spiritual Dragon, too, had a special power, the one to control wind and rain.
  • Ti Lung, or the Earth Dragon, is known to have powers over water, at least on the surface of the earth.
  • Fucang Lung or Treasure Dragon underworld, is the dragon that guarded treasures.

The Emperor, as presented in Chinese mythology, was not a normal dragon. His symbol cannot be used, unless such an honor is worth. These are highly respected creatures in China, but not only.


Chinese mythology says that dragons have immense powers. They are able to control rain, rivers, lakes, seas and of course, fire. Divine mythical creatures, dragons are believed to have been so wise that they were able to counsel royalties. Everything that can be connected in a way or another to Dragons is blessed, at least this has been thought to be true in Chinese history.