Chinese Dragon Festival at London Primary School

The Chinese Dragon is so famous and popular that even children have heard of it and, what’s more, seem to be fascinated by this iconic Chinese symbol. A recent carnival thrown by children at Highlands Primary School in London stands to prove that.

Wanstead Park, where the school is located, transformed into a riot of joy and color after hundreds of children performed with costumes, instruments, masks and, of course, a colorful Chinese dragon. The kids paraded from the school, in Highlands Gardens, to the park.


Naturally, the carnival was centered around a story created by the children. The fete saw children taking in countries around the globe to illustrate UNICEF’s children’s rights. The story behind the carnival was of two friends who traveled through a portal around the world and had different adventures in every place they visited.

Each class at the school was designated to represent a different costumes. For the representation, the classes used elaborate costumes created right at school. Then, the kids performed a national dance – including street dance, samba from Brazil, and Russian folk dancing. The renowned Chinese dragon dance didn’t miss, either.


Organizer Sandy Kaur said both parents and children had a wonderful day. “It was a huge success and there was so much positive feeling”, she added.

This kind of initiative is not only fun and exciting for parents, children and teachers alike, but is also very educational. Given the theme of the carnival, all pupils had the chance to learn about different countries of the planet and their culture, traditions and iconic symbols.


The Chinese dragon was clearly a great attraction, since children of all ages seem to be fascinated with these creature. Not to mention that the kids had the chance to design their own costumes and be part of the whole carnival process. What a great initiative!