The Symbols Of The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon is one of the most important symbols in China, its legend being popular for many years. A dragon is a mythical creature in Chinese folklore and mythology, being portrayed as a long and serpentine creature with four legs. Chinese even proclaim themselves the descendants of the dragon. Even if such mythical creatures look awkward, in China they bring prosperity, good fortune and abundance, so they have a positive influence and meaning. The legend of the dragon shaped the Chinese culture until today and it takes us back to the ancient Chinese civilisation. In comparison with Western dragons, most Eastern dragons are friendly, nice and also wise, so the cultural clash in this case is huge. This dragon symbolises valiancy, boldness excellence, as well as nobility, divinity, heroism, assiduity and is perceived as being energetic, ambitious, intelligent, as well as decisive and ambitious. Briefly, dragons are also called the angels of the Orient as they symbolise so many positive things.

They are worshipped and many temples and shrines have been built in their honour. Additionally, these mythical creatures have the power to control rivers, the rain, lakes and seas and even today, there are many Chinese cities where people burn incense and pray to dragons. The meaning of them is so important that there are places where people can stop and pray to dragons to help them solve their problems. In China, people believe that emperors had dragon ancestors, so this is why these leaders were decorated with dragons and were also described in terms of the dragons, calling an emperor dragon-face, being a wonderful compliment, so everything that is connected with dragons has a positive meaning.

The Chinese Dragon is also the symbol of Mother Nature, which is the most important divine force on Earth. In addition, the Chinese Dragon means vigilance, divine protection and is seen as the Supreme Being across all creatures as is able to live in the seas, in the form of mountains, it can also fly up to the heavens and it also protects people against evil spirits. The Year of the Dragon is also a lucky one and an important event, astrologers claiming that those who were born during Dragon Year will be lucky, healthy, wealthy and will live a long life.