The Myths of the Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragon is seen often in the celebrations of the Chinese. You often will see these dragons on the streets of china during a parade where men will be under the dragon making it move and ungulate down the street.

The Chinese dragon is a symbol often used for the emperors of china. It is a symbol of the power of the Chinese and is part of the ancient culture. It is unknown where the symbol originated. It may have originated as a totem from Chinese tribes, or from an actual creature that was made of up what would classify as alligators, snakes, and fish today. It really does not matter where or exactly when the symbol came into existence as much as what the symbol means to the ancient Chinese.

The dragon is a symbol of divinity, heavenly, and earthly. It was often used during harvest seasons to praise bountiful harvests and other festivities. It was also used for rain. There were different types of dragons for each of the above. The dragon in general is a beautiful symbol and is recognized across the world today. It is also used in the birth calendar of the Chinese.

It was believed that the future emperors were born with a birthmark in the shape of the dragon which foretold that the male child born with that birthmark was the future emperor and verified their royal blood. The Chinese dragon is still a prominent figure in the culture of the Chinese today; although not as prominent as it used to be.