The importance of the Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon is a symbol of ancient times bringing myth and legend into commonplace next to everyday folklore. The Chinese dragon is a very well known and loved symbol in the Chinese culture that were said to be able to predict the rain so was regarded by farmers as a very powerful part of mythology. To see a dragon would mean that the rains were coming to ease drought and water the crops. The Chinese dragon is also said to be able to control running water, which was part of their magic.

Originally it was the Emperors who were the only ones to use the Chinese dragon as a symbol for their coats of arms and other ornaments. The dragon symbols are less seen these days except for in the Chinese New Year festivals where several men dress in a dragon costume and parade with fireworks and lots of noise. These days through government intervention the Panda is now more of a national symbol of peace rather than the war like dragon symbol.

The Chinese dragon is also a part of the Chinese zodiac sign and is a strong part of the belief about people being born under this zodiac sign. The dragons also possessed abilities that where more than human in nature such as changing size from very small to very large. The Chinese dragon was also said to be able to manipulate fire as well as water and could use its scales to glow in the dark.

The difference between the Chinese dragon of today and the dragon symbolization of the past is that now people do not actually believe that the dragons exist however they are still a symbol that is highly regarded in many Chinese traditions. Thousands of years ago the people did believe that the Chinese dragon existed and that the dragon controlled aspects of their everyday lives.