The Chinese Dragon VS other country dragons

The culture of the Chinese Dragon dates back to thousands of years where myth and legend took control of daily life much like religion does today. It was not only the Chinese that believed in the mystery and magic of the dragons but many other nations like Japan and Korea. Stories, carvings, statues and craft have been symbols of the dragon for many hundreds and even thousands of years right throughout the Asian countries and the east.

Size, build and physic are all different between the separate nations dragons’ culture as well as the reasons why they are feared or worshiped. In China there are nine varieties of dragon that denotes luck since the number nine is a lucky number in China. The Japanese dragon from their specific folklore was actually influenced by the stories of the Chinese dragons. The Korean dragons are related to water and farming which are said to bring rain and prosperous crops. The site of the Korean dragon would leave farmers at peace, happy that rain would soon bring their farms prosperity.

Buddhist monks that migrated to Japan in early times brought with them the legend of the dragons. The Japanese snake like dragon had three toes compared to its nearest cousin in China who had five toes. The Chinese dragon also had a horn and other features of different animals to differentiate the two different cultures dragons. According to the Wikipedia the Korean number nine was also significant and it is said that the Korean dragon had 9 times 9 armored scales to protect its back.

The Chinese dance of the dragon was dated back to the Han Dynasty where the dance represented the respect and honor for the Chinese dragon. The dance of the dragon can still be seen every Chinese New Year in parades all around the world. In Japanese legend one particular Dragon was an ascendant to the throne however this was actually just a human who was empowered by the dragon of the sea. In the Korean tradition the dragon was originally more of a serpent than a dragon however these serpents could become dragons after catching stars that would fall from heaven.