The Chinese Dragon Sign

In the Chinese culture, the dragon is considered to be the mightiest creature, the symbol of power and dominance. While no one really knows where did the Chinese dragon come from, the fascination about this mystical creature has been around for centuries. The dragon is present in both the Western and Eastern cultures, but there is no doubt that the Chinese have made it much more popular. One of the reasons behind this fact is the Chinese dragon sign, in the Chinese zodiac. If you are a Chinese dragon, here is some information about your sign.

Well, the Chinese dragon occupies the fifth position in the Chinese zodiac and it is thought to be the most powerful sign. If you are a Chinese dragon, you are probably very ambitions and you have a tendency for dominance. A strong sense of independence is another characteristic of the Chinese dragon signs, as they prefer to live by their own rules and to make everything in their power to achieve success. Then, a Chinese dragon will always be fearless, as challenges are not a reason to be afraid, so they have no problem in taking risks. Moreover, those who are born in the year of the Dragon are also passionate about everything they do and they have an incredible enthusiasm. The only bad thing is that this great enthusiasm can often disappoint the Chinese dragon signs, because their expectations are too high and they can often feel exhausted in the chase for their dreams.

Then, the ones who have the Chinese dragon sign will always be willing to help others, but they have a problem in asking for help for themselves. As they resemble the Chinese dragon, people who have this sign prefer a solitary lifestyle and they would rather be alone. Also, they enjoy working on their own, rather than in a team, which may lead to people seeing them as arrogant. The fact that they prefer to be alone may come in contradiction with their wonderful personalities and colorful tempers, which is why other people will always be attracted to the Chinese dragon signs.