The Chinese Dragon: Fact or Fiction

If you are looking for the origins of the Chinese dragon, you might be looking for a long time. The reason that you will be searching for these mythological creatures is because many scholars that are studying these dragons, really don’t have a clue where they came from. Some researchers believe that these dragons came from totems from the different tribes in china. Others believe that they are a combination of existing animals like the crocodile, snake, and fish. Even though the acceptance of this theory is not a popular one, some people still say that it is true.

In ancient Chinese culture it is said that the picture of the dragon is the symbol of the emperor. This is the symbol that they signed all of the laws and other declarations for everyone to see. It is also a symbol of power in the Chinese culture. In some legends, emperors were born with a dragon shaped birthmark on them to show that they were of royal blood. This means that they would become emperor in the future.

Dragons in the modern times show up but not as much as they did in ancient times. The dragons are also prayed to bring bountiful harvests and the rains. Today, the people of China still believe that the dragons control the weather and rule the waters. Now, the dragon symbol is used in the Chinese New Year. During this time, dragon kites are flown high symbolizing the dragons from the past.