Dragon Types

Unlike Western dragons that were considered to be scary and very dangerous, Chinese Dragons were always praised and known as divine creatures by native people. Dragon temples were built, and Chinese people always treated them like true deities that those represented. The amazing powers dragons possessed always were respected and their wisdom was outstanding. Here are some of the most important Chinese dragons that people used to praise:
-- Celestial Dragons (Tian-Long): also represented as Heavenly Dragons, these creatures served as protectors of the sky and heaven.
-- Spiritual Dragons (Shen-Long): giant dragons that were known as the wielders of weather. People always prayed to this kind of dragon for rains and crop abundance. Offending a spiritual dragon could turn to sudden storms or floods.
-- Earth Dragons (Di-Long): a kind of dragons that used to live on the bottom of different water-courses. This type was known to be the most appropriate to humans offering them gifts and even mating with human females, thus half-dragon people were born.
-- Treasure Dragons (Fu-Can-Long): very powerful beasts known as the keepers of all treasures in the world. These dragons were found living in deep caves and were very appreciated because were guarding the worlds most precious jewel: Dragon’s Pearl. A pearl that was considered to represent all Yang energy and world wisdom.