Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon has been a symbolic symbol of China for thousands of years with records showing these creatures in books, scriptures and carved in stone as well as wood. These Chinese dragons are a design from legend however in China there are great lizards that have been around for millions of years and is possibly where the images originate from. In Chinese mythology the dragon is a part of a familiar scene and is said to promote good luck as well as warding off evil spirits.

The chinese Dragon is different to the dragons scene in most English and European movies where they breath fire and look more like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These Chinese versions are long with tiny legs and can magically fly with or without wings. The Chinese Dragon is also said to control the rain and water flow so honoring and paying homage to these creatures can help relieve a drought and favor farmers and their crops according to folklore.

The Chinese people respect the dragon symbol so greatly that they have been know to ban advertising which promotes the dragon in a bad way. The destruction or death of the dragon in movies and on commercials is strictly forbidden in China and is disrespectful to the Chinese peoples culture. Banners, coats of arms and many sculptures in China have the Chinese dragon as a symbol of strength and power.