Chinese Dragon Worship

Although not many people seem to be aware of this fact, the Chinese dragon has always been worshiped in China. In fact, in this Asian country, the Chinese dragon is considered to be a mythical creature symbolizing power, control, but also strength and good luck. Nowadays, various objects containing the Chinese dragon can be found in sale. People buy them with the belief the the Chinese dragon will bring them good luck and fortune. Even the Emperor of China used the symbol of the dragon, to show his great powers, so there is no wonder that it has actually become a national symbol of this great country.

Even though the origin of the Chinese dragon is still not certain, the symbol has always been part of the culture and history of this country. “Dragon bones” are believed to have been used in medicine by Chinese people. Dragon amulets, for instance, were considered to be able to protect the ones wearing them. The mythical animal is painted nowadays with a horse head and a snake’s tail, being associated with power. However, the main characteristics of the authentic dragon are always maintained when it comes to the reproductions of this impressive animal. Of course, an authentic dragon will always have the ability to move waters. Its power is the main reason why the Chinese dragon has always been an object of worship all around the Asian country.

The Chinese dragon has actually played an important role when it comes to the development of the Chinese culture. The dragon occupies the most important role in mythology and this sacred and mythical animal is present in arts, literature, but also poetry and architecture, as well as in many songs. A symbol of power and mystery, the Chinese dragon has been worshiped for years in China. Intelligence and good will best describe the Chinese dragon in Asian culture, aspect which is almost the opposite of the belief in Western countries where the dragon is considered to be evil. Still, an important fact that should be mentioned in this context is that in the Chinese culture there are numerous type of dragons, associated to various beliefs.