Chinese Dragon Tattoos

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, but you have no idea of what it should be like, you should know that the Chinese dragon tattoos are some of the most popular in the world. This is because the Chinese dragon is one of the legendary mythical creatures of the Chinese culture, and not only. The Chinese dragon symbolizes power, strength, good luck and mystery, and and it is said that they have control over water, rainfalls and hurricanes. Chinese dragon tattoos have known an immense popularity, especially due to all its significations. Even thousands of years ago people were wearing Chinese dragon tribal signs, no matter if they were rich or poor.

There are many myths and legends surrounding Chinese dragons, but the truth is that no matter what they say, people have learned to love and to fear them at the same time. These legends describe seven species of the Chinese dragon, so if you want to get a Chinese dragon tattoo, here are their meanings. First, there is the Horned Dragon, which is the mightiest of all. Then, for those who are more religious, there is the Celestial Dragon, the protector of the gods and the promoter of Heaven. The Earth Dragon rules the planet, the Spiritual Dragon has power over the rain and the wind, the Treasure Dragon is the guardian of precious gems and metals. The Winged Dragon is the only one with wings, the Coiling Dragon lives in the oceans, and last but not least, the Yellow Dragon, which is the master of scholarly and knowledge.

Chinese dragon tattoos are suited for both men and women, who either opt for fierce-looking designs or for softer-looking ones. A growth in popularity has been noticed after Angelina Jolie, one of the most notorious American actresses, has decided to get a Chinese dragon tattoo. It is one of her 13 tattoos and she wears it proudly. Chinese dragons are often described as long, scaled, serpentine and green creatures, so most Chinese dragon tattoos are painted according to their mythological description. However, many people want their Chinese dragon tattoo to be black, because it looks classy and it is more clear and noticeable.